Easter Markets in Prague 2011

Easter Markets in Prague 2011

Happy Easter! Around this time two years ago, my friend Elizabeth-Anne and I spent a rainy morning looking at intricate hand decorated eggs in Prague. This young man showed us how he scraped away the dye with a razor blade to make the white lacy designs. Then he told us that even though he’d been decorating these eggs to sell for his whole life, his dad still always told him he was doing it wrong. I guess some things are the same everywhere.


  1. Elizabeth-Anne · · Reply

    I love having these glorious memories with you!

    I don’t know if there will ever be a more glorious Easter season than the one we spent in Europe together.

  2. […] Two times now, I’ve visited Prague at Easter time, and I think it’s really special. The smoke (and smell) of cooking ham fills the air, and the Old Town Square is filled with colorful, decorated trees. There are also thousands and thousands of those intricately decorated eggs. Plus, there’s just something about a market. I plan on going back to Prague in December to see the Christmas Markets, and I expect to love those too. […]

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