Plane Plans

You should know now that I love planning, especially trips. I spent my entire childhood checking travel books out of the library and making up imaginary itineraries. I can’t imagine hiring a travel agent. It would be like having a birthday party, but hiring someone else to eat the cake. For me, planning is an integral part of the whole travel experience.

My travel philosophy, in summation, is “Safe, Cheap, Interesting.” (Check out this post for my tips on traveling alone!) I am all about doing things that are inexpensive and off the beaten track. This philosophy has led me to stay in a hostel boat on the River Spree, to take a night train to Prague that arrived at 4:30 AM (the final destination of the train was Moscow–good thing I woke up, right?), and to visit some really, really strange museums in Ireland.

I recently bought the plane ticket that will send me to Austria in November, and typically, I chose the cheapest route, regardless of how long and indirect it might be. What can I say? It adds to the sense of adventure.

So, on November 6th, I will fly from Birmingham, AL to Orlando, FL to Toronto to Reykjavik (yes, that’s ICELAND) to London. Whew. I’ll stay in London for a week, then fly from London to Linz.


First stage of adventuring is underway!


  1. Elizabeth-Anne · · Reply

    I want you to plan all of my trips. Everywhere.

  2. […] my year as an au pair in Austria! It’s been such a long time coming, but now the flights (all five of them) are imminent, and all my last minute preparations are coming together. Mostly, packing. I’m […]

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