Checking in: Where do I go from Here?

Now that classes are finished, the pool is opening, and soon I’ll be picking up kids from camps instead of school, it’s time for a new plan of attack. German isn’t going to learn itself, y’all.



I just registered for my summer German class (placing into level B1, right on track) at the Goethe-Zentrum Atlanta. It runs from July 1st to September 7th on Wednesday nights–two and a half hours a week. With the assistance of the family I currently nanny for and my fantastic friend Caitlin, who will take my job in the fall, I will be covered at work so I can take this class. I’m lucky to have so many people supporting my endeavors!

Between now and July 1st, however, I am flying solo on the “learning German” front. I’m going to keep pushing forward, using different resources I’ve assembled online and in my life.

For example, I have two friends from my German class at Agnes Scott who will be here this summer, and we will meet and speak German frequently. I also email my host family in Austria often.

There are three more chapters at the end of my introductory German textbook that I am going to work through, and I am going to organize the hundreds of flashcards I accumulated this year into some kind of order (hopefully).


I also want to make use of the free resources on Deutsches Welle for learning German. They have lessons, quizzes, news and cultural videos, and, of course, Jojo Sucht das Glück, everyone’s favorite telenovela for German learners.

The last ingredient in the plan of attack, natürlich, is this blog. I will keep engaging in Austrian and German culture and history, and I hope my readers, especially those in/from German speaking countries keep responding! Challenge me, correct me, and let’s all learn something this summer, ja?

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  1. Lucy NT · · Reply

    Let’s do some German blogging Molly. Wir koennen ein Gespräch haben. I’ll share with you kool things, dass ich im Internet finde.

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