Wo/Where? (Part 2)

I want to show you the house where I will be living for ten months. When I first applied to be an au pair, I didn’t have a real sense of where I was going. Obviously, I knew it would be somewhere in Austria, but I had no way to picture it.

I remember the morning that I received the email from Au Pair Austria with the information about my potential host family. Going through that packet was pretty  intense–seeing  my possible future life summarized on a few pages. It made my abstract conception of “being an au pair” into something real. Something I could imagine.

Mostly, it was adding a specific “where,” seeing pictures of the H’s house, that made me think, Okay. Let’s do it, and more importantly, this is a place where I can live and work and learn. 

As I’ve already said, I was initially hoping for a city placement. But once I replaced that imaginary idea of what I wanted with actual pictures of places, I could see what an incredible opportunity the H.s were offering me (you know, beside the facts that they are kind, generous and have a sweet daughter!).

I will have my own living space within their house. Austrian law requires a host family to provide  a private bedroom for their au pair, but I will have an apartment area with my own bathroom, living room, and little kitchen. I think this will give me a good amount of  independence and autonomy, while still allowing me to experience family life in an Austrian household.

So here’s my little “au pair flat:”

au pair apt 5

au pair apt 4

au pair apt

au pair apt 2

au pair apt 6

Isn’t it great? Also, you can imagine how excited I was to see this picture:


Yes, that is their indoor pool. Considering the climate difference between Atlanta and Austria, and the fact that I will arrive just as winter is picking up steam, I think this will become my little happy place–a magical pool where it is always warm and never snowing.

Fun fact: When I studied abroad in Northern Ireland, I would go to the rainforest room in the botanical gardens and pretend it was summer in Alabama. Of course, in Northern Ireland, my dorm was only heated for four hours a day, so probably this lovely home will be a little less devastatingly cold.

Anyway, those are a few of the pictures that really answered the “where” question for me, by showing me a real glimpse into my future life in Austria.


  1. What a beautiful home and adorable flat!! I can’t wait to visit 😉

  2. This is amazing! I’m looking to be an au pair in about 10 months. How long did the process take. Did you go through an agency? Could you share some of your experience as a “how to”.


    1. Thank you! I went through Au Pair Austria, and I would totally recommend them–they made the process quick and easy. This post has more details on my experience with the agency and getting my placement: https://adventuringinaustria.wordpress.com/2013/03/27/wiehow/

      But if you have more questions, please let me know!

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