Ten Things: Rome

This is the fourth in a series of entries, in which I list ten things I want to see or do in various European cities. These lists are not meant to be inclusive or ranked, just a sampling of things I am looking forward to! Check out my lists for Vienna, Copenhagen, and London.  (All images click through to their sources.)

A little background: I am actually going to Rome for six days in November (like, train tickets bought, hostel booked, I’m going!), so this list is looking into my immediate traveling future. It is also heavily influenced by my traveling past. The only other time I have visited Rome was in April 2011, the week between Easter and the beatification ceremony for Pope John Paul II.

To say that Rome was crowded that week would be quite an understatement. It was insane. We waited three hours to enter St. Peter’s Basilica, and our trip through the Vatican Museums resembled nothing so much as a relentless cattle drive towards the Sistine Chapel. We had a great trip, and it was a very exciting time to be in Rome, but I am looking forward to a much less frenetic experience this November!

1. Musei Vaticani

I don’t think that it’s ever this empty, though.

2. Opera

Teatro Salone Margherita is a small venue, with lovely art nouveau/Jugendstil architecture, wherein I plan to see Verdi’s La Traviata!

3. Campo de’ Fiori

I love markets. Food, flowers, flea…all kinds of markets.

4. Keats-Shelley House

I have to go visit the death-place of my favorite British Romantic, John Keats–and this exhibit looks great.

5. Italian wine

6. Musei Capitolini / Capitoline Hill

7. Ara Pacis Augustae

After five years of college Latin and classical history courses, mostly focusing on the Augustan era, I am ready to see some real life Augustan propaganda art.

8. Hostella

This will be my first experience in an all-female hostel, and it seems so nice!

9. Bernini’s Ecstasy of St. Teresa

10. Food, food, food!

I may never come home.

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