Monthly Archives: September 2013

How to Design a City for Women

How to Design a City for Women Excellent article about “gender mainstreaming” in Vienna. Basically, if you take women’s needs and opinions into consideration during urban planning, you get a better city for everyone.

Dirndl Drama

There’s trouble brewing in the world of trachten, the traditional clothing of German speaking cultures. For hundreds of years, these garments have been a regional, hand-made, craft industry. Each region of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein has infinitely detailed and specific variations. Traditionally-made tracht is beautiful and lasts for decades (which nowadays translates into some very expensive […]

Au Pairing by the Numbers

I found this infographic from fascinating–especially the variation in au pair salaries (or stipends, depending on your perspective) from around the world. Of course, this poster can’t give the whole picture. For example, although the USA appears to pay better than most countries, au pairs in the US are required to work up to 45 […]