10 Things I’ve Learned

It’s been a busy 22 days since I left America the Beautiful, and in honor of Thanksgiving and the sense of self-reflection it always inspires–here’s are 10 things I have learned about myself and the world around me in the past few weeks.

1. I need to pay attention to my protein and caffeine levels. If they dip too low, the world becomes a bleak place.

2. I can now order coffee in three languages.

3. Ruins make me so manically happy. The less “maintained,” the more ruinious, the more I can scramble all over them like a little billy goat, the better. (Hint: Ostia Antica)



4. Don’t drink the table wine.

5. When I can smell coffee–it’s morning.

6. It doesn’t bother me to be surrounded by people speaking a language I don’t understand. It generally turns into a pleasant background buzz–until I realize that they are talking to me. Oops.

7. Even though sparkling water is normal over here, it will always make me feel fancy.

8. It is a truth universally acknowledged…that Nena and Falco will always be cool. Period.

9. I like shorter trips (like 3-4 days) better than longer ones. I like to travel so intensely, dawn-to-dusk-see-EVERYTHING, but I can’t maintain that level of action for too long before wearing out.

10. Traveling solo means that no one will judge you for eating at a place in Rome called “Yum Yum Style” because you’re hungry and it’s playing an endless loop of Ke$ha and Lady Gaga.

One comment

  1. Elizabeth-Anne · · Reply

    I’ll hang out in Yum Yum Style with you all day.

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