1st Month–A General Update

Hey friends, (all 534 wordpress followers + the folks at home!)

It’s been a pretty busy month. To recap: I flew from Alabama to London, arriving on November 7th. I spent seven awesome days in merry ole England, and then headed to Krenglbach, Austria to rest, do laundry, and meet my host family. It was great. Then I went to Rome from November 17th-24th. Also an amazing experience. I stayed in Krenglbach from the 25th-29th, getting to know Anna Sophie, registering with the police, applying for my au pair visa, having Thanksgiving etc, etc. Then I decided at the very last minute to go to Vienna and Budapest from November 30th to December 5th. Today, December 6th, I pretty much just slept.

Tomorrow is Dec 7th, marking my first full month in Europe, but I feel like I have crammed in two-three YEARS worth of adventuring. Now I have a bit of a “down” week (although it’s my first week doing the au pair thing solo, so there will definitely be adventures!). I should have time to catch up a little bit in terms of blogging, and alongside that, processing everything I have seen and learned.

I have been in 5 different countries in the past month (if you don’t count my airport time in Canada and Iceland–then it’s seven!). I’ve traveled solo, I’ve met up with a fellow alum of Agnes Scott (hi other-Molly!), I’ve been to 12 different Christmas markets, and I actually think I’ve improved my German. At least, I can feel my brain ticking away at it.

To preview the rest of December: On the 13th-14th, I’m going to Nuremberg for the Christkindlmarkt, and from December 29th- January 2nd, I’m going to have a New Year’s extravaganza in Berlin! I get to stay with another Scottie, Nga, (check out her blog about being Vietnamese in Germany here) and we’re going to have the best time.

As far as the “living abroad roller coaster” goes, I am 100% still in the honeymoon stage. Everything is beautiful, and there are snow flurries, and people are so nice, and the food is delicious. I know that first dip in the roller coaster will come soon enough (maybe after Christmas?), but it’s all a part of living abroad. It levels out eventually.

Tomorrow, I am going to an eight hour babysitting class in Linz (required for insurance purposes) which will be a whole lot of German for my mind to process. Still, I’m excited to meet new people! I’ll let you know how it goes.

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