Monthly Archives: January 2014

Mooooolly? Wo bist du?

That’s the call I hear whenever I leave the room these days. Sometimes it’s “Molly, where are you?” but usually Anna has to actually see me to remember that it’s time for English. I am continuously amazed by the amount of words she speaks in both languages, the way she strings them together, and the […]

Learning German in Upper Austria

So, I’ve been an au pair in Austria for about two months now, and my functional day-to-day German knowledge has exploded. I came in with a strong knowledge base (two semesters at college and a Goethe Institut summer course), but very little real-world practice. Answering questions on a test or in a mock interview set-up […]

Silvester in Berlin

Just got back from five days in Berlin and immediately slept for 15 hours. I think that’s how trips to Berlin ought to end, especially if they span New Years (Silvester)¬†which is celebrated there unlike anywhere else. I was really lucky to have a “local” tour guide, my friend Nga, who is doing research at […]