Monthly Archives: February 2014

Ein Überblick: February 23rd-28th

I would like to start doing a weekly Überblick (overview) post, so I can keep track of all the cool events in my life that aren’t trip related–the fun day-to-day things about my au pair year. Now, I’m not making any promises, but I’m hoping that I can get into a good blogging schedule, especially since my […]

24 Hours in Graz

Way, way back on January 6th, I spent about 24 hours in Graz, a city in Steiermark in the southeast of Austria. It was a last minute decision, brought on by an unexpected Monday off (Austria has a LOT of holidays, y’all). Also, brand new for 2014, there’s a direct train from Linz to Graz, […]

Meet Nina Victoria

She’s home! I am now the au pair for a two-year-old and a four-day-old. Daww. Saturday was also Anna Sophie’s second birthday, and I gave her a big “Wimmelbuch” (like, an I-Spy book, where you look for things in the pictures) about Austria. Each page has a different Bundesland (federal state) represented. I think it’s […]

Three Things at Three Months

1. The new baby is here! She was born around 4AM on February 6th. The parents called me at about 2AM to come over and get the baby monitor in case Anna woke up in the night. Nina Victoria was born about two hours later! It was really as smooth as possible. I haven’t met […]