Travel Plans

I am very much a planning kind of person. (That is possibly the biggest understatement I’ve ever made.) I still have nine months in Austria, then I’m starting a three year grad school program, and I’m already thinking about where I would like to live for my first job as a librarian. (Maybe Florida?) So, basically, you really shouldn’t be surprised that I’ve already got trip plans in the works though September.

The first couple of months of this year have involved mostly local travels. I’m not complaining–I’ve been to Graz, Innsbruck, Prague, and Passau (plus a couple of other places in Upper Austria), but nowhere that involves more than 3-4 hours of transport. The weather in January and February isn’t that good, a new baby was born, I had German class four days a week–basically, it wasn’t a time conducive to long trips.

But things are about to kick off in a big way. Are you ready? Here’s my schedule of trips (ones that I have either booked, requested vacation days for, or otherwise made “official”). There’s going to be a flurry of exclamation points. No apologies.

March 20-23: Zurich (hosted by a super cool friend from high school, Carolyn!)

March 28-29: Salzburg (with my theatre buddy/lil’ sister, Jessica!)

April 12-14: Prague (with one of my best friends ever, Brandi!)

April 18-21: Amsterdam (Tulip season! Easter! Hooray!)

May 1-4: Florence and Venice (Art! Canals!)

June 19-26: Western Germany trip– Frankfurt, Cologne, the Rhine, and Munich (with another of my best friends from home, Caitlin!)

July 25-27 Bregenz/Liechtenstein (Opera! Lake Constance!)

And (this one is still in the very early planning stages) August 29-September 14, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Northern Germany, and Poland!

There will be other trips, too. I will definitely go back to Vienna a few times, and once more to Budapest. I’m also planning to hit up Bratislava and many other places along the Blue Danube this summer. But that’s a general outline of what’s coming up. The goal is to see as much of Europe as possible, learn a lot, and have a blast.

So, los geht’s!



  1. I don’t even know why I read this….it just served to make me very jealous. 😦

  2. Natalia · · Reply

    what you want to see in Poland?:)

    1. Hi! I’m planning on going to Krakow, which I hear is a really lovely city, and making a day trip to Auschwitz. I’m also pretty pumped about getting some Polish amber. 🙂

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