Day Trippin’: Passau

A couple of weekends ago, my friend (and fellow American au pair) Julie and I made a day trip to Passau, a Bavarian city on the German/Austrian border. Three rivers meet in Passau, the Danube, the Inn and the Ilz, which make for some pretty scenery, especially on an unseasonably warm day at the end of February.


We had a blast wandering through the winding streets, checking out the cathedral, and hiking up to the castle, where we had some amazing raspberry chocolate cake.


The cafe had a huge outdoor terrace, and the views of Passau were lovely (and we needed a break after the steep walk up!).


It was the first day that really felt like spring was coming, and it was so exciting to take off our coats and enjoy the sun (although this was definitely not a hard winter–we only had about three days of snow in Upper Austria!). Now we’ve been having beautiful weather for almost two weeks, and it seems like winter really has been banished,


There is still a lot of damage in Passau from the major floods last summer–it seemed like the ground floors of most buildings were either open, waiting to be fixed, or had freshly poured concrete floors. Regardless, I can highly recommend Passau as a day-trip destination from Austria or southern Germany. Big trips are a lot of fun, but discovering new places in my corner of the world is really special, too.

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