Train Blogging

There are some classic, beautiful train routes in Europe. Oslo to Bergen, along the Italian Riviera, and the one I am currently speeding along–Salzburg to Zürich. The route via Innsbruck is about 5 hours of Alpine wonderland interspersed with long tunnels that only make the mountains more staggering when you emerge. Right now the sun is setting, and the mountain tops are golden, and the little white villages gleam against the green fields and tree covered mountains. I wish I could really capture the view, but the best I can offer are a few blurry train window pictures.




Sometimes trains can be stressful, when they’re late, or if you don’t know when your stop is coming, or if you have close changes. But sometimes trains can be absolutely glorious places to relax, think, and watch the world roll by.


And sometimes that world is just spectacular.

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  1. […] Thursday afternoon, taking a more or less direct train (only one change, in Salzburg), and having a grand time watching the Alps roll by. When I arrived in Zurich’s train station, I immediately heard […]

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