Home Sick (not the same as homesick!)

Over the past couple of days, my entire host family and I have been sick with an awful stomach virus. It’s always horrible to be sick, worse when everyone is sick, and even worse when being sick causes you to miss out on cool plans. (No choir rehearsal, fun movie night, or most importantly, trip to Salzburg to meet up with a dear friend from home. Ughhh.)

Basically it’s been a real bummer.

But my sweet host family left a bag outside my door yesterday with juice, cokes, aspirin, and cream of wheat (apparently the Austrian answer to saltines), and now I’m sitting up, eating soup, and listening to an audio book. Things are definitely looking up.

I’d also like to point out that this week marks the one year anniversary of my blog. It’s crazy to think how much has happened in that time. From taking German classes in Atlanta to full-on immersion in Austrian family life (minor illnesses and all)–it’s been an amazing journey.

Thank you so much to everyone who reads this blog–it’s grown beyond anything I could have expected with 940 WordPress followers, and almost 9,000 hits from 80 different countries.

Get ready for nine more months of adventuring!

One comment

  1. Being ill is never a nice experience, especially that kind of illness. I’m glad you’re feeling better. I love your blog because it takes me to Austria where I haven’t been for many years.

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