April, April

The warmer it gets, the more I do…and the more I do, the faster the time flies by. In April, I’ve been on weekend trips to Prague and Amsterdam (blog posts will be made!) and done lots of lovely things in between. At the beginning of the month, I went with Anna Sophie, Doris, and baby Nina to the zoo (we live within walking distance and have annual passes, but the outdoor part just reopened with the warmer weather). Anna loves the giraffes, the zebras, and most of all, the giant trampolines in the play area.


That’s a giraffe behind us.

I also, finally, conquered the moped! I am still a little unsure about going on bigger roads, but I can definitely take it to the train station, saving me a 3km walk! Soon enough, I’ll be riding off to Wels. I can’t explain what a good feeling it is–it’s so exciting when it balances and you take off, and the wind is buzzing around your head. Combine that with a feeling of success and achievement of something you never expected, and it’s solid gold.



I attended the Welser Volksfest with my friend Julie, which was lots of fun. Imagine a county fair, plus beer tents and lederhosen. We had a blast riding the “Break dancer,” a crazy spinning ride, and I had the largest cotton candy (Zuckerwatte) of my life.




I also dyed Easter eggs at Doris’s parents’ house, which was a blast. I introduced the idea of writing on the eggs with a white crayon before dipping them in the dye, and it worked really well. You can tell that Anna is intrigued…



We also made Palmbuschenwhich you traditionally take to church on Palm Sunday to be blessed. I was in Prague on Palm Sunday, and I saw many people parading theirs throughout the streets, so I think this may be a European Catholic thing? It’s not exclusively Austrian, but it was a great glimpse into the culture. Apparently, the farmers make many large Palmbuschen to place in their fields to bless their spring planting, and having the cutest one becomes quite a competition amongst the women of the villages.


Doris’s mom was so excited to teach me about this tradition!

I’ve also been keeping up with my regular activities, volunteering at LISA, Jr. (the English language primary school in Linz) and singing in the Vokalensemble in Wels. I’ve definitely got a cool thing going (and by thing, I mean life). All this, and I get to travel! All in all, April has been a great month–I’d be sad to see it go, except that May will be just as good, with trips to Florence and Venice, and Ljubljana and Zagreb, as well as increasingly beautiful weather here in Austria!

I’ve been in Europe almost six months now, can you believe it? Still having a blast and learning new things every day.

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  1. I was able to do my student teaching overseas, and that time defined my life. Have SO much fun, and I’m just slightly jealous. 🙂

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