Germany Trip Itinerary

This year, I have been queen of the long weekend trip–Berlin, Graz, Innsbruck, Zurich, Amsterdam, Prague, Venice, Florence, Ljubljana and Zagreb. Whew. But I’m getting ready for another long trip (the last one was a week in Vienna and Budapest back in December). Luckily, pretty soon I will be making a thirteen day jaunt around Germany and Austria with Caitlin, one of my best friends from home!

At a Braves Game in Atlanta last summer!

At a Braves Game in Atlanta last summer!

We’ve been planning this trip for months, and I’ve gotten to indulge all my organizational tendencies–booking hostels, planning train times, looking up attractions…and, of course, finalizing our itinerary. As I have no idea when I’ll get to actually blog about the trip, I thought I would post our schedule for all of you–it’s ambitious, but I know we will have a blast!

June 19- Frankfurt, Germany

June 20-21- Cologne, Germany

June 22 – Rhine river cruise (staying in a castle converted into a hostel!)

June 23-25 – Munich, including a day trip to King Ludwig’s “dream castles” in the Alps–Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein.

June 26-27 – Salzburg

June 28-29 – Vienna (camping in the Vienna Woods!)

June 30-July 1 – hanging out at home in Krenglbach, day in Linz


This is one of two long trips (longer than an extended weekend) that I’ll be making this year. I am so beyond excited to be adventuring, especially in gorgeous June weather with one my best friends (and fellow Agnes Scott Scottie)!

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