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Die Freizeit Frage

I know what you’re thinking: Molly, you only work 20 hours a week and you live in a tiny village in Austria. That sounds awesome and all, in theory, but what do you do all the time? If you’re very clever, you’re thinking: There’s no way you’re going into the city everyday, because you’d never be […]

Germany Trip Itinerary

This year, I have been queen of the long weekend trip–Berlin, Graz, Innsbruck, Zurich, Amsterdam, Prague, Venice, Florence, Ljubljana and Zagreb. Whew. But I’m getting ready for another long trip (the last one was a week in Vienna and Budapest back in December). Luckily, pretty soon I will be making a thirteen day jaunt around Germany and […]

Travel Plans

I am very much a planning kind of person. (That is possibly the biggest understatement I’ve ever made.) I still have nine months in Austria, then I’m starting a three year grad school program, and I’m already thinking about where I would like to live for my first job as a librarian. (Maybe Florida?) So, […]

Ein Überblick: February 23rd-28th

I would like to start doing a weekly Überblick (overview) post, so I can keep track of all the cool events in my life that aren’t trip related–the fun day-to-day things about my au pair year. Now, I’m not making any promises, but I’m hoping that I can get into a good blogging schedule, especially since my […]

Packing for a Year Abroad

On Tuesday afternoon, I begin my trans-Atlantic journey toward my year as an au pair in Austria! It’s been such a long time coming, but now the flights (all five of them) are imminent, and all my last minute preparations are coming together. Mostly, packing. I’m only taking one suitcase and a carry-on, because I […]


I’m getting within spitting distance of my Austrian Adventure (dun-dun-DAH!), and I’m not totally sure that it’s sinking in. I was proud of myself for not being overly anxious, but then I started having dreams in which I try to order coffee, but when I say, “eine Tasse Kaffee, bitte,” the lady at the counter gives me […]

Ten Things: Rome

This is the fourth in a series of entries, in which I list ten things I want to see or do in various European cities. These lists are not meant to be inclusive or ranked, just a sampling of things I am looking forward to! Check out my lists for Vienna, Copenhagen, and London.  (All images […]

Ein Paar Updates

My host mother in Austria (Doris) is having another baby! I arrive in mid-November, and her due date is February 18th. I am so excited to be a part of such an important time for their family. When they look back on the birth of their second child, I will be in those memories! Also, […]

How to Make Friends with Austrians

In my recent obsession with travel guides, old and new, I purchased this gem of a book from 1992: Europeans Customs and Manners: How to Make Friends and do Business in Europe by Nancy L. Briganti and Elizabeth Devine. It is a fascinating look at an American view of Europe in the wake of the Iron Curtain’s […]

Books for Anna Sophie

When I was researching au pair positions, I was surprised to find that my most desirable characteristic isn’t anything I have worked for–my education, my experience with children–but something I have always had: fluency in the English language. All of a sudden, I became aware of the privilege of being a native English speaker, how […]