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June Photos

Sadly, Flickr has locked me out of my account (the internet related complications of traveling the world are endless). I’ve been looking for a suitable photo hosting/sharing service, and have turned back to Photobucket, which has greatly progressed in the ten years since I last used it (ah, the memories!). Anyway, here are pictures from all my […]

Three Things at Three Months

1. The new baby is here! She was born around 4AM on February 6th. The parents called me at about 2AM to come over and get the baby monitor in case Anna woke up in the night. Nina Victoria was born about two hours later! It was really as smooth as possible. I haven’t met […]

28 ways to be Austrian

Originally posted on Austrian Adaptation:
In honour of the fact that this is my 28th post, on the week of my 28th birthday I feel its appropriate to celebrate that number with a short guide to the hilarious/awesome/crazy things i’ve noticed from my first year living in Austria. These are the little things you need…

This is a real thing.

For glowing skin?


April 2011 An unedited snapshot OR The moment I knew I would come back to Austria

No Kangaroos in Austria!

  When I was in Austria in 2011, I was only mildly bemused by the above image. I read it as saying, tourists, we’re making fun of you, but buy this “No Kangaroos in Austria” tee-shirt, and you can be in on the joke! Except you just paid €20. So, joke’s still on you. But yesterday, […]

Language Learning: German and Latin

This semester at Agnes Scott, I have been lucky enough to take two foreign language classes–German and Latin–and I have been so excited about the ways that they inform and enhance each other. Notate Bene: Excited, not surprised. Learning across different academic disciplines and specializations has characterized my college education. I am a proud proponent […]