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Language Learning: German and Latin

This semester at Agnes Scott, I have been lucky enough to take two foreign language classes–German and Latin–and I have been so excited about the ways that they inform and enhance each other. Notate Bene: Excited, not surprised. Learning across different academic disciplines and specializations has characterized my college education. I am a proud proponent […]

Filler Words and Buying Time

Like. Yeah. You know? Right? Well… So, it’s like. Sure. Uh-huh. OK. I mean. God love him. Right? You know. Like, yeah. Until I started studying German, I didn’t realize how many filler words and phrases litter my American English. Well, “God love him” is probably my Southeastern American English, but the rest are things that […]

German Adjective Endings

My life right now.


I am twenty-three years old, and a recent graduate of Agnes Scott College in Decatur, GA. Agnes Scott has a fantastic Year 5 program, which allows students who graduate in four years the chance to take a fifth year of classes, tuition free. So, for the 2012-2013 school year, I have been continuing studies in my two […]