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Silvester in Berlin

Just got back from five days in Berlin and immediately slept for 15 hours. I think that’s how trips to Berlin ought to end, especially if they span New Years (Silvester)¬†which is celebrated there unlike anywhere else. I was really lucky to have a “local” tour guide, my friend Nga, who is doing research at […]

Thrift Store Finds: Travel Guidebooks

I love guidebooks. Even though they’re out of date as soon as they’re printed, include expensive hotels and restaurants I would never frequent, and all their information is available online for free, I love them. When I was a kid, I would check guidebooks out of the library on a weekly basis to imagine all […]

Travel Safe, Travel Cheap: Picking a Hostel

So, I just finished booking the hostels where I will be staying during my trips to London and Rome in November. I have stayed in 15+ hostels across the UK and Europe (and one in NYC!) in the last couple of years, and I have sort of gotten my selection process down to a science. […]