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Language Learning: German and Latin

This semester at Agnes Scott, I have been lucky enough to take two foreign language classes–German and Latin–and I have been so excited about the ways that they inform and enhance each other. Notate Bene: Excited, not surprised. Learning across different academic disciplines and specializations has characterized my college education. I am a proud proponent […]

Follow-up on Filler Words

Filler Words in German: The Discussion Many thanks to danilotambone in the comments for sharing this link! It seems like “so” and “also” are pretty safe filler words? Sehr interessant!

Filler Words and Buying Time

Like. Yeah. You know? Right? Well… So, it’s like. Sure. Uh-huh. OK. I mean. God love him. Right? You know. Like, yeah. Until I started studying German, I didn’t realize how many filler words and phrases litter my American English. Well, “God love him” is probably my Southeastern American English, but the┬árest are things that […]

German Adjective Endings

My life right now.