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28 ways to be Austrian

Originally posted on Austrian Adaptation:
In honour of the fact that this is my 28th post, on the week of my 28th birthday I feel its appropriate to celebrate that number with a short guide to the hilarious/awesome/crazy things i’ve noticed from my first year living in Austria. These are the little things you need…

Ten Things: Rome

This is the fourth in a series of entries, in which I list ten things I want to see or do in various European cities. These lists are not meant to be inclusive or ranked, just a sampling of things I am looking forward to! Check out my lists for Vienna, Copenhagen, and London.  (All images […]

Ein Paar Updates

My host mother in Austria (Doris) is having another baby! I arrive in mid-November, and her due date is February 18th. I am so excited to be a part of such an important time for their family. When they look back on the birth of their second child, I will be in those memories! Also, […]

How to Make Friends with Austrians

In my recent obsession with travel guides, old and new, I purchased this gem of a book from 1992: Europeans Customs and Manners: How to Make Friends and do Business in Europe by Nancy L. Briganti and Elizabeth Devine. It is a fascinating look at an American view of Europe in the wake of the Iron Curtain’s […]

Books for Anna Sophie

When I was researching au pair positions, I was surprised to find that my most desirable characteristic isn’t anything I have worked for–my education, my experience with children–but something I have always had: fluency in the English language. All of a sudden, I became aware of the privilege of being a native English speaker, how […]