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Germany Trip Itinerary

This year, I have been queen of the long weekend trip–Berlin, Graz, Innsbruck, Zurich, Amsterdam, Prague, Venice, Florence, Ljubljana and Zagreb. Whew. But I’m getting ready for another long trip (the last one was a week in Vienna and Budapest back in December). Luckily, pretty soon I will be making a thirteen day jaunt around Germany and […]


A few weeks ago, I made a day trip to beautiful Hallstatt with some friends! If you do a Google image search for Austria, I guarantee that you will come up with pictures of this gorgeous village, nestled in the Alps on the smooth clear Hallstättersee (Lake Hallstatt). This area has been a center of […]

April, April

The warmer it gets, the more I do…and the more I do, the faster the time flies by. In April, I’ve been on weekend trips to Prague and Amsterdam (blog posts will be made!) and done lots of lovely things in between. At the beginning of the month, I went with Anna Sophie, Doris, and […]

Day Trippin’: Wachau

The Wachau Valley is a beautiful area of Austria, along the “blue” Danube, known for wine production, medieval castles, and the magnificent abbey at Melk. It was a perfect destination for my host family and me on a beautiful, sunny Sunday, after a horrible few days of stomach viruses all around. It was definitely a […]

Meet Nina Victoria

She’s home! I am now the au pair for a two-year-old and a four-day-old. Daww. Saturday was also Anna Sophie’s second birthday, and I gave her a big “Wimmelbuch” (like, an I-Spy book, where you look for things in the pictures) about Austria. Each page has a different Bundesland (federal state) represented. I think it’s […]

Three Things at Three Months

1. The new baby is here! She was born around 4AM on February 6th. The parents called me at about 2AM to come over and get the baby monitor in case Anna woke up in the night. Nina Victoria was born about two hours later! It was really as smooth as possible. I haven’t met […]

Mooooolly? Wo bist du?

That’s the call I hear whenever I leave the room these days. Sometimes it’s “Molly, where are you?” but usually Anna has to actually see me to remember that it’s time for English. I am continuously amazed by the amount of words she speaks in both languages, the way she strings them together, and the […]